Published: Jan 20, 11:27a ET
Updated: Jan 20, 11:29a ET

WADA suspends Rio doping lab after false positive for Pedro Salgado

MONTREAL (AP) - The World Anti-Doping Agency has banned a laboratory in the Olympic city of Rio de Janeiro from conducting certain types of tests after it mistakenly accused a beach volleyball player of doping.

WADA said in a statement Thursday it has suspended the Rio lab from conducting IRMS testing - isotope ratio mass spectrometry - for up to six months. It is still accredited to conduct all other forms of doping tests.

The UFRJ Rio de Janeiro Doping Control Laboratory can appeal the decision within 21 days.

The International Volleyball Federation had asked WADA to investigate a "regrettable incident" which falsely put Brazilian player Pedro Salgado under suspicion of using testosterone. Solberg was later cleared by further tests in Germany.

The Rio lab is expected to test samples from the 2014 World Cup and 2016 Rio Olympics.

WADA said it will re-evaluate the lab's status during the suspension period.

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