Published: Feb 12, 11:19a ET
Updated: Feb 12, 11:19a ET

Bardal wins ski jump World Cup event in Germany

WILLINGEN, Germany (AP) - Anders Bardal of Norway won a ski jump World Cup event Sunday to take the lead in the overall standings.

Bardal cleared 145.5 meters with his first jump and reached 148 meters with his second to earn 277 points.

Roman Koudelka of the Czech Republic finished second with 270.3 points, while Japan's Daiki Ito was third with 264.4, despite clearing 149.5 meters with his first jump.

Bardal leads the overall standings with 1,117 points, ahead of Austria's Gregor Schlierenzauer and Andreas Kofler on 1,059 and 1,049 points respectively.

Norway also claimed the team event ahead of Austria on Saturday.

The World Cup continues in Klingenthal, Germany, on Tuesday and Wednesday.

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